Blake Cover Boy: Simon Dexter

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1/ Model, blogger, actor, business man…who are you Simon Dexter?

 I am a force of nature! hahaha…i am a guy who loves life, sex, people, opportunity and following my dreams. I feel like I learned early in life that if you want something you have to either take it or do it because no one is simply going to give it to you. I have a personal philosophy based on a quote, « whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right »

 2/ What’s your background?

I am polish and from humble upbringings. I grew up in a small town and am a small town boy but with a big city mind. My grandfather was a tailor, one of my uncles was a watch smith, both my parents are artists and skilled craftsmen, some of my uncles owned horses, some had cows and chickens, some had crop farms, my grandparents had chickens….we are a traditional European family so to speak. I grew up playing a lot of sports, soccer, wrestling, martial arts…i loved getting dirty and into trouble, climbing trees and finding hidden places in my environment. I had a scholarship to play soccer in college as well so sports had a huge influence in my life and its what still drives me to stay fit.

 3/ Of course, a lots of people knows you did some adult movies in the past…Do you think it can be an obstacle for your present career?

Maybe a small obstacle, but not one that I will let affect me. I think as I venture away from adult work and become successful in mainstream media, some people may look down upon my past. However,  I feel like these are very simple minded people. I am not ashamed of what i have done. I did what I did and I liked it at the time. In Europe sex is seem as more casual and is very accepted. People who have done adult film or photos do not get as much resistance in their professional lives because of it. In America, the culture is still very opposed to « adult actors ». There exists a stigma that these people are less human and more dirty then others who have not done adult work. Yet these same people who call pornography dirty are the same people who consume it late at night from the comfort of their own homes. America is a place of two faces, public and private….and they are very very different and contradictory. But understanding this I feel I have an advantage over others because I will never allow their opinions of me to hold me back from achieving anything I want.

4/ Aren’t you sick of being recognize for what you did in the past and not for what you are doing now?
Yes, but i understand it. I wish people would get to know me better instead of just seeing me as one thing, an adult actor. I have much more to offer the world.

5/ You have an impressive body. What is your secret for looking so good?

Hard work!!! I think that’s true in any aspect of life. The harder you work and the more effort you give the better the results. I have been exercising since 13. But I do not use supplements, I am all natural. This actually has resulted in me growing at a slower rate then other fitness models who may use supplements to enhance the speed of their growth. But I believe in a slow and steady progression that’s sustainable and which allows me the flexibility to eat what I want and pace my routines.>

 6/ Do you made a special diet?

No!!! haha, i like to eat fruits and vegetables but i also eat a lot of everything…sweets, meat, pasta, and I drink a lot of coffee!!

7/ Are you a total exhibitionist?

haha, i think that some days i am and some days I am not. When i feel good and everything is going well then i feel more comfortable with myself and am ok with showing off more. When things aren’t as good then i tend to be more reserved. But i think many people are this way. I just have a lot of confidence in myself.
8/ Do you put a lot of care in the way you look?

I’m kind of a guys guy. Some days I just throw some jeans on, a white  V neck t-shirt and I’m out the door. But if i know i have something important to go to, like a date, photo shoot, meeting or an event, then i try much harder and get my hair done, get new clothes, and groom better.

9/ Are you obsessed by the research of the perfect body?

Yes, i think about training a lot. But more subconsciously as a byproduct of my athletics past. I think about it in my sleep and then test out my theories at the gym. After so many years working out I know what works for me and what doesn’t. But I still am open to learn from others what works for them and experiment with my routines.

10/Do you think to be a model increase your personal seduction?

Oh yes, great photos and the label of « model » intrigue people and inspire imagery of glamour and high class lifestlye. This allure lends itself to my charm and powers of seduction 😉

 11/Are you single?

Yes! Anyone interested???

12/You work with a lot of great photographers.You never did any big advertiser campaign yet. Is there any brands you would want to work with above all?

Yes, I would love to work with Burbery London, Luis Vuiton, and Tom Ford. They have great mens fashion.

13/How do you react to overzealous fans?

Its difficult as anyone who has experienced this may tell you. The energy always seems false and ingenuine and I try to ignore it or redirect it. I just want to be shown the same respect anyone would want for them selves, nothing more, nothing less.

14/Is Fame an « advantage or an « inconvenient »? 

Its a double edged sword. It has its advantages in terms of accessing closed doors in industry and eprsonal life, but also can intrude into personal life and create akward situations.

15/Is being Famous important?

Not as much as being successful. Some people are very famous and are not doing very well at all. I would rather be annonamous and be wealthy and happy and live in parts of the world that have beauty and wonderfull people!

16/What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read and learn about history and the world, I love to meditate and try to understand the universe and its vastness, I like to dwell about human nature and temperment, and I love to seduce people 🙂

17/What are your plans for the futur?

A calendar, a personal website, an underwear fashion label, a magazine, a movie…..the possibilities are limiteless!


Blake Coach: Sébastien Bernon


Sébastien Bernon, coach diplômé et masseur confirmé…ce qu’il casse pendant le coaching, il peut vous le réparer avec un massage!

Le meilleur, ou le pire, avec Sébastien, c’est l’accompagnement tout au long de la séance. Le côté rigueur militaire mais avec le sourire. Il ne néglige pas l’aspect psychologique de votre démarche de reprise en main, ni l’aspect nutritionnel et les conseils d’hygiène de vie liés à un programme sérieux. Il est capable de vous pousser à vous dépasser sans vous laisser sur le carreau pour autant.  



Camille Lacourt and Chanel watch J12


Chanel Horlogerie et son ambassadeur de charme le nageur Camille Lacourt présentent la nouvelle montre J12 Chromatic GMT.

Égérie de Clarins et de Carnet de Vol, Camille Lacourt est également l’ambassadeur de Chanel Horlogerie depuis 2011. Découvrez la superbe montre J12 Chromatic GMT en céramique de titane un nouveau matériau hautement résistant aux rayures. Solide et belle, son étanchéité (jusqu’à 100 mètres) lui permettra même d’être portée même pendant les entrainements de Camille Lacourt.

Chanel Watch and his charming ambassador the swimmer Camille Lacourt present the new watch J12 Chromatic GMT. Egeria of Clarins and Carnet de Vol, Camille Lacourt is also the ambassador of Chanel Watch J12 since 2011.

Discover the magnificent watch J12 Chromatic GMT ceramic of titanium a new material highly resisting stripes. Solid and beautiful, her waterproofness (up to 100 meters) will allow her even to be even worn during the trainings of Camille Lacourt.


Comment se faire des fesses digne d’un Dieu Grec!

Ryan B.. by Dillan Rosser

Voici quelques petits exercices qui vous permettront de séduire avec autre chose que votre sourire et votre bonne humeur. On ne vous le répétera jamais assez: régularité, obstination…et buvez beaucoup d’eau!

Routine Sets and Reps:

•4 exercises •3 circuits• 15-20 reps per exercise• Little to no rest between exercises

1.            Exercise Ball Glute Bridge

Begin by laying on the exercise ball with your upperback/shoulderblades.  Put your hands behind your head, look toward the ceiling, keep your feet shoulder width apart with your toes pointing forward and dip your butt down to about your ankles.  Your butt should not touch the ground during this exercise.  You want to bring your feet in close enough to your butt so that your knees form a 90 degree angle when you extend your hips up.  Also, be sure to keep your lower back flat, do not arch during the exercise.  Once in place, thrust your hips up as high as you can while contracting your glutes.  You want to make sure you hyperextend your hips at th top of the movement.  Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. You can make the exercise a bit more intense by staying on your toes throughout the entire movement.

2.            Standing Calf Raise

Find a sturdy step to stand on.  Stand on the step with just the balls of your feet and keep them about shoulder width apart.  For added balance, try to find a staircase with a railing to hold onto.  Once in place, dip your heels down as far as you can.  From there, push through the balls of your feet and extend all the way up as high as you can.  Slowly return to the bottom position and repeat.

3.            Jump Squat

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and your toes pointing out to the sides just a bit.  Next, lower yourself down as far as you can while keeping your back in the upright position.  Once in place push through your heels/toes and extend your arms out as you jump 2-3 inches in the air.  Try your best to land lightly on your toes and go right back into the starting position and repeat.

4.            Exercise Ball Hamstring Curl

Lay on your back with your heels in the middle of the exercise ball.  Put your arms out to your sides to help you balance.  Next, raise your butt up off the ground and tighten your core.  Once in place, curl your legs in as much as you can by bringing your heels to your butt.  Try to hyperextend your hips out as much as you can while contracting your glutes and hamstrings at the end of the motion.  Once you curl your legs in as far as you can, slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

For more free exercises, visit www.ScottHermanFitnes.com. 

Crédit photos : Joseph Smileuske

BlogNews de Mode

DIM Signature, the new underwear collection

Thomas – A la une

DIM présente DIM SIGNATURE : une collection haut de gamme de sous-vêtements masculins pour les fêtes de fin d’année 2012.

Les finitions parfaites et l’excellence des matières sélectionnées par Dim, donnent à cette nouvelle ligne de boxers, caleçons et     tee?shirts la sensation d’un luxe confortable. Une ligne « premium » avec le « coton popeline » qui apporte la douceur de son touché velours, le traditionnel « fil d’Ecosse » qui garantit la finesse, et la technologie 3D Flex qui accorde une entière liberté de mouvement. Dim offre aux hommes sensibles de leur apparence le choix d’un style élégant, chic mais simple. 

Points de vente : Grands Magasins (Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, BHV, Bon Marché), Monoprix, les boutiques DIM et sur www.DIM.fr

DIM presents DIM signature: a top of the range collection of male underwear for Christmas and new Year holidays 2012.

The perfect finishes and the excellence of the materials selected by Dim, give to this new line of boxers, boxer shorts and T-shirts the sensation of a comfortable luxury. A « premium » line with the « cotton poplin » who brings the sweetness of his touched velvet, the traditional “Scotland thread » which guarantees the sharpness and the 3D Flex technology which grants a whole freedom of movement. Dim offers to the sensitivemen of their appearance the choice of an elegant, smart but simple style. 

Points of sale: department stores (Galeries Lafayette,Printemps, BHV, Bon Marché), Monoprix, DIM shops and on www. DIM.fr


Sunny sunday: move your body!

Ryan Reynolds – six packs

Il fait beau, alors profitez de votre dimanche pour faire du sport, bouger, respirer…Vous n’êtes pas obligé de prendre le mannequin comme accessoire mais ça peut toujours servir !

The weather is beautiful, then take advantage of your Sunday to go in for sport, move, to breathe … You are not obliged to take the model as accessory but that can always serve!


Jérôme Gori va vous faire Mâle!


Il est difficile, voir impossible, de se lancer dans des travaux de construction ou de rénovation seul… De la même manière que vous ne construiriez pas votre maison sans les conseils d’un architecte, Jérôme Gori et son équipe sont là pour vous aider dans la construction et la maintenance de cette machine de guerre qu’est votre corps.

Lors du premier rendez-vous, Jérôme vous aide à définir avec précision votre objectif de façon réaliste : non vous ne pourrez pas perdre 20 kilos en deux mois et n’aurez pas le corps de Rocky le trimestre prochain.

Il propose un accompagnement personnalisé, avec une équipe qui peut vous aider et vous encadrer : masseur, diététicienne, esthéticienne, Yoga et Sophrologie.

Tout pour que vous vous sentiez bien dans votre corps et dans votre tête. Après avoir déterminé un objectif raisonnable, vous choisirez un rythme de séance correspondant à votre emploi du temps et Jérôme vous suivra pas à pas.

Il viendra à votre domicile ou vous accompagnera en salle tout au long de votre programme, et vous conseillera sur les différentes options comme de faire appel à sa nutritionniste pour ajuster votre régime, le masseur pour vous détendre et tonifier votre silhouette. Il est important de noter que la démarche n’est pas de vous infantiliser mais au contraire de vous donner de l’autonomie afin qu’au final, vous puissiez vous entrainer sans aide extérieure et ainsi vous créer votre propre hygiène de vie.

Il ne faut pas perdre de vue que pour obtenir des résultats visibles et durables, vous devrez vous engager sur une durée minimum de 8 semaines pour un objectif de 3 kilos à perdre et un renforcement musculaire. Il faudra compter 12 semaines, à raison de 3 séances par semaine, et un régime approprié pour un renforcement de la sangle abdominale et une définition musculaire visible ou prise de masse.

Dernière minute : Jérôme vous propose le CFA30. Une séance incroyablement intense et focalisée uniquement sur les abdos et les cuisses pour des résultats ultra rapides et efficaces ! Tous les samedis à partir du 22 septembre, de 14h à 15h, au parc Montsouris (75014).



Anthony Royer ou le rêve américain.

Anthony 1

C’est l’histoire d’un petit garçon qui voulait être James Bond…celle d’un jeune homme qui décide de tout quitter : son pays, sa famille, ses amis pour partir vivre son rêve à Los Angeles. C’est aussi une belle histoire d’amitié fraternelle. Aujourd’hui, 5 ans plus tard, mannequin, acteur, auteur et producteur, il réalise son projet et lance sa série « WE ».

Découvrez-la en exclusivité.


Vous pouvez retrouver Anthony Royer dans notre nouveau numéro, shooté par Eric Peltier et suivre son toute son actualité sur https://www.facebook.com/anthonyroyerofficial


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