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Nous sommes le 1er décembre et la température descend. Il est temps de faire un shopping mode pour affronter l’hiver, et Robin nous montre que porter des vêtements chauds peut vraiment faire remonter les températures! Bon week-end!

We are December 1st and the temperature comes down. It’s time to make a fashion selection to face the winter, and Robin shows us that to wear warm clothes can really make raise the temperatures! Have a nice weekend!


Vince Azzopardi, l’inconnu célèbre / Vince Azzopardi the famous unknown

vince azzopardi (3)

You can find hundreds of Vince’s images on the net, but do you know only his name? 

 Azzopardi, was born and bread in Derby, UK. He is primarily a fitness and underwear model but he does enjoy doing fashion modelling as well. He has also been working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. He is also a great kick boxer. He is a natural in front of the camera and many photographers find him to be one of the most genuine people. Vince found himself in front of the camera posing for famous photographers like Dylan Rosser and Gary Holmes.

Vince is signed with Major Models in Milan. http://www.majormodels.it/mendivision/#/Vince/


It is soon Christmas

Xmas (3)

Noël approche et il faut penser aux cadeaux…Voici une sélection en direct de la place Vendôme à Paris. J’espère qu’elle sera à votre goût.

Christmas approaches and it is necessary to think of presents… Here is a selection directly from the place Vendôme in Paris. I hope that it will be for your taste.


There’s a new coach in town: Al Cukovic

Alexandre Cukovic (10)

Coach, blogueur, modèle photo et un de mes prochains défis et de faire des compétitions de Fitness en France, en Europe et USA (si je peux) pour 2013. Pour ce faire, je suis un entrainement rigoureux ainsi qu’une alimentation calibrée.
Actuellement j’effectue une prise de masse très stricte afin de prendre une petite dizaine de kilos pour préparer mes compétitions Fitness de 2013. Pour mes entrainement j’alterne des périodes de prise de masse sèche (prise de muscle) et de sèche (perte de gras), je déteste faire du sur place.

Mon conseil pour perdre de la graisse est simple : changez juste un petit peu vos habitudes alimentaires quotidiennes. Sur le moyen et le long terme cela se ressentira. Buvez 2 L d’eau, ne mangez pas juste avant d’aller dormir, privilégiez les légumes le soir plutôt que les glucides. Juste en respectant ces conseils, vous constaterais les résultats

Je suis autodidacte, j’aime apprendre et avancer. Je pense que vous avez la possibilité de vivre la vie que vous voulez et de devenir la personne que vous souhaitez devenir.

Le sport contribue a une vie épanouie, c’est un combat contre vous-même! Grâce au sport, vous apprenez à vous connaitre  et à vous dépasser. Une fois que vous prenez conscience de ce dont vous êtes capable, vous comprenez que il n’y pas de limite à votre vie. Osez rêver, travaillez, profitez, partagez car tout ceci est un jeu les amis !

Coach, blogger, models photo and future competitor Fitness. At present I make a taking of very strict mass because I have to take small about ten kilos to prepare my competitions Fitness of 2013. For my training I alternate periods of taking of dry mass taking of muscle and of loss of fat, I hate being stuck.

My advice to lose some fat is simple: just change just a little your daily food habits. On the means and the long term it will feel the effects. Drink 2 L of water, do not eat just before going to sleep, privilege vegetables in the evening rather than carbohydrates. Just by respecting these advices, would notice you the results. I am self-taught, I like learning and moving forward. I think that you have the possibility of living the life which you want and to become the person that you wish to become.

The sport contributes to a spread life, it is a fight against yourself! Thanks to the sport, you learn to know you and to surpass yourselves. When you become aware of what you can do, you understand that there no limit in your life. Dare to dream, work, take advantage, share… because all this is a game, guys!

Qui suis-je ?


Blake Cover Boy: Simon Dexter

14.SD #10057

1/ Model, blogger, actor, business man…who are you Simon Dexter?

 I am a force of nature! hahaha…i am a guy who loves life, sex, people, opportunity and following my dreams. I feel like I learned early in life that if you want something you have to either take it or do it because no one is simply going to give it to you. I have a personal philosophy based on a quote, « whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right »

 2/ What’s your background?

I am polish and from humble upbringings. I grew up in a small town and am a small town boy but with a big city mind. My grandfather was a tailor, one of my uncles was a watch smith, both my parents are artists and skilled craftsmen, some of my uncles owned horses, some had cows and chickens, some had crop farms, my grandparents had chickens….we are a traditional European family so to speak. I grew up playing a lot of sports, soccer, wrestling, martial arts…i loved getting dirty and into trouble, climbing trees and finding hidden places in my environment. I had a scholarship to play soccer in college as well so sports had a huge influence in my life and its what still drives me to stay fit.

 3/ Of course, a lots of people knows you did some adult movies in the past…Do you think it can be an obstacle for your present career?

Maybe a small obstacle, but not one that I will let affect me. I think as I venture away from adult work and become successful in mainstream media, some people may look down upon my past. However,  I feel like these are very simple minded people. I am not ashamed of what i have done. I did what I did and I liked it at the time. In Europe sex is seem as more casual and is very accepted. People who have done adult film or photos do not get as much resistance in their professional lives because of it. In America, the culture is still very opposed to « adult actors ». There exists a stigma that these people are less human and more dirty then others who have not done adult work. Yet these same people who call pornography dirty are the same people who consume it late at night from the comfort of their own homes. America is a place of two faces, public and private….and they are very very different and contradictory. But understanding this I feel I have an advantage over others because I will never allow their opinions of me to hold me back from achieving anything I want.

4/ Aren’t you sick of being recognize for what you did in the past and not for what you are doing now?
Yes, but i understand it. I wish people would get to know me better instead of just seeing me as one thing, an adult actor. I have much more to offer the world.

5/ You have an impressive body. What is your secret for looking so good?

Hard work!!! I think that’s true in any aspect of life. The harder you work and the more effort you give the better the results. I have been exercising since 13. But I do not use supplements, I am all natural. This actually has resulted in me growing at a slower rate then other fitness models who may use supplements to enhance the speed of their growth. But I believe in a slow and steady progression that’s sustainable and which allows me the flexibility to eat what I want and pace my routines.>

 6/ Do you made a special diet?

No!!! haha, i like to eat fruits and vegetables but i also eat a lot of everything…sweets, meat, pasta, and I drink a lot of coffee!!

7/ Are you a total exhibitionist?

haha, i think that some days i am and some days I am not. When i feel good and everything is going well then i feel more comfortable with myself and am ok with showing off more. When things aren’t as good then i tend to be more reserved. But i think many people are this way. I just have a lot of confidence in myself.
8/ Do you put a lot of care in the way you look?

I’m kind of a guys guy. Some days I just throw some jeans on, a white  V neck t-shirt and I’m out the door. But if i know i have something important to go to, like a date, photo shoot, meeting or an event, then i try much harder and get my hair done, get new clothes, and groom better.

9/ Are you obsessed by the research of the perfect body?

Yes, i think about training a lot. But more subconsciously as a byproduct of my athletics past. I think about it in my sleep and then test out my theories at the gym. After so many years working out I know what works for me and what doesn’t. But I still am open to learn from others what works for them and experiment with my routines.

10/Do you think to be a model increase your personal seduction?

Oh yes, great photos and the label of « model » intrigue people and inspire imagery of glamour and high class lifestlye. This allure lends itself to my charm and powers of seduction 😉

 11/Are you single?

Yes! Anyone interested???

12/You work with a lot of great photographers.You never did any big advertiser campaign yet. Is there any brands you would want to work with above all?

Yes, I would love to work with Burbery London, Luis Vuiton, and Tom Ford. They have great mens fashion.

13/How do you react to overzealous fans?

Its difficult as anyone who has experienced this may tell you. The energy always seems false and ingenuine and I try to ignore it or redirect it. I just want to be shown the same respect anyone would want for them selves, nothing more, nothing less.

14/Is Fame an « advantage or an « inconvenient »? 

Its a double edged sword. It has its advantages in terms of accessing closed doors in industry and eprsonal life, but also can intrude into personal life and create akward situations.

15/Is being Famous important?

Not as much as being successful. Some people are very famous and are not doing very well at all. I would rather be annonamous and be wealthy and happy and live in parts of the world that have beauty and wonderfull people!

16/What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read and learn about history and the world, I love to meditate and try to understand the universe and its vastness, I like to dwell about human nature and temperment, and I love to seduce people 🙂

17/What are your plans for the futur?

A calendar, a personal website, an underwear fashion label, a magazine, a movie…..the possibilities are limiteless!

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